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ICO Energy and Engineering provides Commodity Advisory, Procurement, and Management Services for the procurement of electric power and natural gas in all competitive markets across the US. Load factor, operating profiles, seasonal requirements, and on-site generating capabilities—among other criteria—are taken into consideration.  

Designed to mitigate market volatility, create budget certainty, and secure favorable pricing, our methodology is certainly not “one size fits all”. Instead, it’s a holistic approach with a focus on product fit, agreement length, market timing, and acceptable terms.  

No matter what the size of your operation—from national portfolio to single-site entity—come see how we can tailor our representation and value proposition to your business, and your benefit.

Services & Expertise


  • Procurement of Electric Power and Natural Gas

  • Negotiation of Agreement Lengths and Terms

  • Solution Personalization Based On:
      -Load Factors
      -Operating Profiles
      -Seasonal Requirements
      -On-Site Generating Capabilities

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