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Far beyond short-term solutions, ICO Energy and Engineering offers ongoing monitoring and analysis to ensure effective operation of your facility through Monitoring-Based Commissioning.

By continually collecting and analyzing data, we can identify areas of inefficiency, system and equipment operating issues, or environmental and process control anomalies , optimizing long-term performance and maximizing bottom-line results.

ICO employs MBCx services for clients who have an existing platform (Clockworks, Schneider Building Analytics, etc.) or an independent open platform to monitor and analyze operations at the client’s chosen periodic interval.

When leveraging an existing platform, ICO investigates the accuracy of the data from sensor to BAS to MBCx platform. ICO will work with the provider to enhance the platform effectiveness where possible. After having confidence in the data and platform outputs, ICO uses the existing platform to cost effectively review operations, reliability, and environmental and process controllability.

ICO offers development and implementation of an independent open software platform customized specifically to your facility through our in-house software programming. This software can be housed on ICO’s cloud servers and integrated remotely or located on the client’s network and set up for direct access by facilities and energy managers. ICO uses this platform and customized programming to cost effectively analyze and report on energy consumption, operational effectiveness, and reliable environment and process control.

Services & Expertise


  • MBCx Platform Development and Execution

  • Monthly Monitoring and Reporting

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