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ICO Energy and Engineering develops Tenant Metering and Sub-Metering Plans for the accurate allocation and/or recuperation of energy and energy-related costs. From multi-tenant facilities to single-occupant operations, metering arrangements can be very effective in providing additional knowledge and a greater understanding of equipment and systems.


We’ll help you incorporate and integrate this information into an operating plan to assess, track, and assign monetary and end-user responsibility, as well as identify opportunities for energy reduction and system optimization. For further simplicity and convenience, we can also integrate your sub-metering system into a web-based platform for automated billing, owner/operator and tenant budgeting, and comprehensive energy benchmarking.

Services & Expertise


  • Tenant Metering and Sub-Metering Plans
      -Assess, track, and assign responsibility


  • Third Party Web-Based System Consulting
      -Who to use and how to leverage their system to best fit your facility

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